Monday, October 13, 2008

Typical DotNet Interviewer Topics

Overview of .Net
Common Language Runtime
New Languages * C#, VB.Net
ASP.Net including Basics of Web services
MyServices * Passport and Alerts
.Net Enterprise Servers
.Net Frame Work Overview of MSIL
Overview of Common Type system
JIT Compiler
.Net Framework Class Library
.Net Tools * GACUTIL, ILDASM, SN, etc.,
Visual Studio .Net
IDE Changes from Visual Studion 6.0
Developing Applications using Visual Studio .Net
C# or VB.Net * Language Fundamentals * Delegates, Events and Indexers
Boxing and Unboxing
Collection Classes
Exception Handling
Threads and Synchronization
Differences between ADO & ADO.Net Architecture
ADO.Net Objects ( Connection, DataAdapters, DataReaders, DataSets etc.,)
XML Suppport in .Net
Serialization of ADO.Net objects to XML and vice-versa
Windows Forms * Introduction to Windows Forms * Creating Windows Forms/Walkthrough * Available Controls * Databinding with Windows Forms Controls * Event handling in Windows Forms * Menus, Toolsbars, SDI/MDI development * Building and Debugging Windows Forms Applications GDI+ * Introduction to GDI+ * GDI+ Classes
Windows Forms Control Authoring * Custom Control development * Composite Control Development Component Development * Developing Classlibraries * COM Interop Services * Consumption of Components in Clients * Debugging Components Packaging and Deploying Windows Applications
Web Forms Application Development * Differences between ASP & ASP.Net * INtroduction to Web Forms * Using Web Controls * Databinding with Web Controls
Session Management / Cookies Support
Building and Debugging Web Applications
XML Web Services
Introduction to Web Services
Developing Web Services using ASP.Net and Visual Studio.Net
Consuming Web Services
Building and Debugging Web Services
Web Controls
HTML Server
Controls Web Server Controls
Authorising Custom Controls
Packaging and Deploying ASP.Net applications
Attribute Programming
.Net Framework Security Concepts
COM+ Services development
Windows Services development
ATL Server and ISAPI Extensions